Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roadkill Rescue: Chair

So, I was driving down the road and I saw this beauty sitting on the side of the road, ready for garbage pickup. What? This sweet little chair with awesome potential? Helloooo, someone needed to save her! So I promptly kicked the BF out of the car to go grab her, because I sure as heck wasn't going to be seen doing it! Actually, I was driving, so it was just easier for him to do it...or that's what I told him.
Isn't she great? I called my Mom soon after, I knew she'd be so proud of me! I knew exactly where I wanting to put the sweet thing, so I got to work on this super easy project. First I had to remove the one lonely arm by unscrewing it from the base. I took off the plasticy cover to see if the padding was still good on it, and luckily for me, it was! I cut the fabric a little bigger then the seat and stapled it to the bottom, making sure to fold the edges neatly.
Then, I took her outside and gave her a nice coat of Krylon Brown Leather spray paint.
So simple! But such a transformation!
Perfect! Now she really is a beauty!


  1. That is a great chair! I love the details on the back. And the fabric you used is awesome!


  2. Thank you!! I love it too, it's a good addition for cheap!

  3. Awesome! We practically did the same project!! :) Great job, the same is fantastic!

  4. Awful! You have done make over of this chair very well so it is looking like new one. After getting make over it is looking so nice that makes me to get one like the same. It is truly looking beautiful and you have done well job.
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