Sunday, April 18, 2010

Singed Flowers

I saw a post on singed flowers a while back and thought, "I could do that!" After perusing the internet I found a few inspirations that I knew I needed to try to make myself. The first one is a belt, or I could wear it as a headband (like I don't have enough already)! I got my inspiration from Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous, love love love her site!
Singed flowers is a super easy thing to make! I used organza for my black and white flowers and satin for my yellow flowers. All you do is cut out your flowers and singe the edges. I lit a candle, since I was making so many. Easy peasy!
The next thing I made with my flowers was a shirt. I didn't just get my inspiration from Char at Crap I've Made, I completely copied hers! I loved the blue and yellow together, so springy!
And finally, I made a single white organza flower for my hair. I used the same techniqued and just attached it to a bobby pin. The picure is a little glare-y, but it has little white beads in the center. Simple.

No Pain = No Gain?

Continuing with my weekend plans to re-decorate the different areas in my house that bug me, this weekend I got to work on my mantle. I've always seen pictures of other people's mantles and they are beautiful. Mine on the other hand lacked...well, it lacked a lot of things!
I love seeing the differnent vinyl wall stickers that are available. I've passed by these at Kohl's forever but kept telling myself that I really didn't need to buy one. When I was sent a $5 coupon to Kohl's I knew exactly what I wanted to buy with it!
I love the quote. It's a good one. When I first bought it I had plans to put it in a different spot in my house. But, after tons of rearranging and taping it in different places I decided that I liked it above my mantle best. So, I started to put it on my wall. Everyone has them, it's got to be simple right? WRONG! It was SO frustrating. I know now that it's because our walls have a lot of texture on them. I fought with that bad boy for a couple of hours. Every time I would try to peel it off it never wanted to stick to my wall. I had to PAINSTAKINGLY rub and re-rub and mash each and every little letter into the cracks of my wall. Maybe because it wasn't a high quality one you can order offline, but no pain no gain right? Ugh! At least I like it, or that would have really stunk, really!
I like it. I don't know if my mantle is finished, but it's definitely an improvement from the before picture. Now...if only someone wanted to convince me that ripping that tile out and replacing it would be something I could do by myself...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Birdie, I love you!

So next I needed to address the top of my little table in my entryway.
Ugh, boring! I needed to find some inspiration. And I did. I found this little guy at a local little boutique for 6 bucks. I love him! So perfect for what I wanted to do.
He is my most favorite recent purchase. I think I love him because he is so pudgy! Pudgy birds need love too! I knew he would just blend in with my black/brown table and I was trying to get away from that so I decided to spray paint him.
Ah! I love him even more!!! Now here is where my frugalista self kicked in. Whenever I bought my little bird friend the bag that the store used was this:
Hellooooo! I cut it open and used it to cover two different sized boxes. Well, one was a VHS that we don't use anymore (hey, that's recycling right?)
I then wrapped them like presents and TA-DA!
So pleased with it. It was exactly what that space needed! With my new fancy frame hanging above, I would now say this space is not boring at all!
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No more boring!

This is my entryway.
Since we moved into our house I haven't really done much to it. Brown wall. Brown/Black mirror. Brown/Black furniture. Black bowl. Brown pinecones? Wow. One word comes to mind. BORING!
I was in a serious need of an un-boring makeover. First up, that mirror! I figured it would be the easiest thing to change. I like that piece of furniture and wasn't quite ready to change it.
So, I decided that was where I could add some color!
So I taped off the mirror (which was the most difficult part).
I found a GREAT color that I loved, and sprayed away!
Say it with me, Ooooooooh! I love it! It was a little too perfect for me, so I just took my sandpaper and roughed up the edges a bit to give it a little distressed look.
I love it!

Fancy'n Up a Toothbrush Holder

We were in need of a toothbrush holder for our bathroom. I saw tons that I liked, but didn't really want to spend a lot of money on one. I was in Kohl's this weekend and came across this ceramic tumbler. It was on clearance for $2.00! $2.00 people!!
Boring? Yes. But would it work? Of course!! I have a bag full of flat decorating marbles and I thought I would just glam it up a bit using the color scheme in our bathroom.
I made a pattern and just hot glued them to my boring (not-for-long!) tumbler.
Waa-laa! Simple, but functional! I did have one minor mishap after the first shower in the bathroom....ah, steam!....but I just added more hot glue to those and it has stayed. Yay.

Blue Blue Headband

The other day I made a quick and easy headband. I took the cuff off an old tshirt and then made paper flowers from scrapbook paper. I just cut different size circles out and glued them on top of one another. I cut out two pieces of cardstock and put one behind the flowers and sandwiched the other one behind the band. I like the way it turned out!