Sunday, April 11, 2010

No more boring!

This is my entryway.
Since we moved into our house I haven't really done much to it. Brown wall. Brown/Black mirror. Brown/Black furniture. Black bowl. Brown pinecones? Wow. One word comes to mind. BORING!
I was in a serious need of an un-boring makeover. First up, that mirror! I figured it would be the easiest thing to change. I like that piece of furniture and wasn't quite ready to change it.
So, I decided that was where I could add some color!
So I taped off the mirror (which was the most difficult part).
I found a GREAT color that I loved, and sprayed away!
Say it with me, Ooooooooh! I love it! It was a little too perfect for me, so I just took my sandpaper and roughed up the edges a bit to give it a little distressed look.
I love it!

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