Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Birdie, I love you!

So next I needed to address the top of my little table in my entryway.
Ugh, boring! I needed to find some inspiration. And I did. I found this little guy at a local little boutique for 6 bucks. I love him! So perfect for what I wanted to do.
He is my most favorite recent purchase. I think I love him because he is so pudgy! Pudgy birds need love too! I knew he would just blend in with my black/brown table and I was trying to get away from that so I decided to spray paint him.
Ah! I love him even more!!! Now here is where my frugalista self kicked in. Whenever I bought my little bird friend the bag that the store used was this:
Hellooooo! I cut it open and used it to cover two different sized boxes. Well, one was a VHS that we don't use anymore (hey, that's recycling right?)
I then wrapped them like presents and TA-DA!
So pleased with it. It was exactly what that space needed! With my new fancy frame hanging above, I would now say this space is not boring at all!
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  1. Love it, and how smart you are to think of using the bag to cover the boxes. It looks fabulous!

  2. Hi Jennifer, I love what you did with the bird and VHS box! For practically nothing you transformed the space so beautifully. I am obsessed with birds right now, so your post at somewhat simple caught my eye.
    I was wondering in my head when I first saw your picture why your table wasn't centered under the mirror (the interior designer in me, sorry) and then I looked at the previous post and now I see why. You wouldn't be able to open the door right? Just to throw my two cents of decorating ideas out there... I would tie in that empty space to make it flow. I thought that if you put an umbrella stand (paint it up or something to match your style) or add willow branches in it if you don't want an empty stand (a tall pot would look good there too!) And you can also add a little lamp on your table since there is an outlet right there and the vase will hide the cord (and will make a good night light for visitors ). K...this was probably WAY too much information..
    Take care,

  3. Stephanie, Thanks so much for your advice! I hate that the table has to be off-centered (not the designer in me, the OCD in me!). I'm going to try to use your advice. I'll post a picture when I do. Thanks for stopping by.