Friday, June 18, 2010

Girly Craft Day! Part 1

My friends Amanda and Chris had their niece, Avery, come and visit for a couple of days for the summer. This morning I had the pleasure to have her for a GIRLY CRAFT DAY! For one, I was super excited! I have been saving some ideas from some of my favorite blogs, but didn't have a little one to do them with. This was the perfect opportunity! Yay!
Our first craft was HEADBANDS! Who would have guessed that? These were super super easy! For these I followed Disney's tutorial @ Ruffles and Stuff
First we cut out a basic flower shape out of felt. Avery picked purple and yellow for hers! Then, we hot glued them to some headbands I picked up at the dollar store.
I added a piece of felt with hot glue to cover the headband and to keep it snug. We added a little rhinestone to the center of it. Here is Avery with her finished headband.
We also made these. One for me, for Avery's Aunt Mina, Avery's Mom, and a horseshoe one for Avery to match the shirt we made her.

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  1. You are welcome to borrow my children and craft with them anytime!