Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Mantle

My fall mantle has been up for a couple of weeks, I just hadn't taken pictures of it for some reason.  The color block piece that you see on the right was taken from Jennifer at Hope Studios tutorial on a Paint Chip Mosaic. It's made out of paint chip samples for a home improvement store! Go check out her tutorial on how to make this super inexpensive artwork! Today I wanted to show you how I made my leaf art. First, I bought a certificate frame from, where else, Dollar Tree.
I spray painted the frame black. I removed the cardboard center and hot glued burlap to it.
Then, I cut out a leaf using my Silhouette onto cardstock as a stencil.
Silhouette Image Leaf_0476
Then, I used the saran wrap technique to apply my orange acrylic paint. I think by using the saran wrap, it doesn't give it such a "perfect" look. More like and aged, or rough look. 
I put it back in the frame and super glued some buttons on to give it some dimension. Simple. Easy.
Love it.

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  1. Wow, what a simple and awesome idea! Thanks for sharing! :)