Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fairytale Bridal Shower

This weekend I had the pleasure to host a bridal shower for one of my good friends, Katharine. Her favorite color is pink, and so we chose a "Fairytale" theme for her decorations.
 I made the banner for the fireplace using scrapbook paper and pink foam.
 I made this wreath using Beverly at Flamingo Toes Semi-Scary Halloween Wreath as inspiration. I used a white styrofoam wreath form and tied strips of white tulle around, and added a pink glittered foam heart to the center with the couples initials.
For the side table in the dining room we decorated with vases filled with ornaments, some ribbon and little princess sayings. (My friend has a slight affliction with Silly Bands, so there had to be princess silly bands strewn about!)
 Vases with ornaments and ribbon.
I bought a charger from Hobby Lobby and used by Silhouette to cut out pink vinyl that read "Happily Ever After". I bought a package of glittered dome dots in the scrapbooking section to apply as well.
 A good trick when decorating is to plan ahead. We decorated the night before, since this was a brunch bridal shower and we knew we had lots of things to do the next morning. We went ahead and laid out our table settings and just used post-its to label where everything was going to go. It helped us stay organized and not be searching for a dish at the last minute!
 A drink serving station for the Pink Punch.
 The bride's glass. I used the same glittered pink dots on the glass to make it more special.
 Another great idea that we had for easier clean-up. If you have a double sink use the bigger one as a chilling station for the beverages. This keeps everything cold, while saving your guests the need to search through your refrigerator! We didn't put the stopper in, so when the ice melted it would just drain. Easy clean-up! If you notice is getting low, just add more ice to the top!
 The table with all of the yummy food! Pigs in a blanket, doughnuts, quiche, fruit, cheese ball, and yummy cupcakes from my friend Kelly at Baby Cakes.
 The hostesses, Me and Kristen.
 The happy, beautiful Bride-To-Be!

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  1. Impressive blog! Truly liked all your work that you did for your friend’s bridal shower. Need to arrange my sister’s bridal shower at one of event space. Looking for some great ideas as have to make her day thrilling and memorable.