Thursday, September 9, 2010

TP Wall Art Tutorial

Say what?!? in Toilet Paper??...for your walls? I know it sounds crazy, but trust me, the end product is like nothing you've ever seen. There were a couple of these floating around that I really thought were cute, like here, here, and here. I decided to do mine a little differently though. Here's how:

Lots and lots of toilet paper rolls (I used 11)
Hot Glue
Spray Paint or Acrylic Paint (optional)

Cut your tubes into about 1" strips. You want to make sure that they are all equal widths, or some will be higher than others which makes it hard to attach without looking wonky. I made a little template size with cardstock that made it easy.
Decide what shape you want to make. I decided on flowers with 8 petals. The easiest way I found to do this was to line up the end, and just glue the amount you needed. See the picture, it might make it more clear.
Once you glue all that you need, you'll open your flower and glue the two petals (from the top and bottom of your stack) to each other.
See, pretty flower.
Now, just make as many as you need for whatever shape you're going for. Check out those links at the top for what the other ladies did, super cute! I needed 12.
I laid out my design and decided that I wanted to paint mine, I've seen a lot left natural. I tried spray painting mine first, but after 3 coats, although more time consuming, I decided to paint mine with acrylic paint. I wanted a good solid cover. I painted all but one white, with the one being yellow. Then, I glued my flowers on the ends that connected.
Doesn't it look great? My sis has it hanging in her office, along with this, these, and some of these!
Cuuuuuute! And who's going to know it's made of Toilet Paper? Well...all of you, but we won't tell! :)


  1. Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for linking to me, if you would kindly add the name of the site before the link that would be greatly appreciated! The example on the kundin family blog was inspired by my original post, and the other post you linked to was inspired by my friend Tali's original version on her blog All the best, and I'd love to see you at my weekly linking party every Sunday!

  2. we are doing these in college very pretty and simple and affordable