Monday, March 29, 2010

Lucky St. Patty's Day Tee

Well, after browsing the blogging world I found this and this cute tutorials for a shirt! St. Patty's Day was coming up, so I decided to make my two friends and myself one!
First thing was to cut out letters to lay on top of the shirt. I used some stickers that I already had and sprayed a little adhesive on the back to make them stay put. I just drew a shamrock out of cardstock and used the adhesive as well.

Then, like the tutorial, I used 3 parts water to one part bleach and put it in a spray bottle. I mixed it up and spritzed it into the air, not directly onto the t-shirt.
This was the part I wasn't sure of. How long do I leave it on? Will it turn my shirt white? Well, I just guessed. It made little wet spots and whenever I couldn't take the fumes any longer I just tossed it in the bath tub and ran it under water.I threw our shirts in the washing machine. I don't know if this step was necessary, but it didn't hurt. I hung the shirts up to dry and, voila! Here we are on St. Patrick's Day!

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