Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rustic Wedding Cakes

So, our wedding was a "Rustic Chic" theme. I searched many of blogs and spent many of hours on Pinterest (thank goodness for it, right?) looking for the right elements to add to our wedding. I wanted to share with you all the things that were DIY projects!

The one craft project I did not take on myself was our cakes. If you knew my baking/cooking skills, you would know that doing the cakes myself would have led to one big ole' mess. Betty Crocker would have hung her head in shame...  Lucky for me, I work with two FABULOUS teachers who just so happen to have started their own cake business, Thirsty Gourmet. Lucky for me huh?? I love the things they do and I knew they would be able to take on the challenge of our bride and groom's cakes!

I went back and forth on my wedding cake. I knew that I wanted it to be "non-traditional". Actually those words came up a lot in my wedding details. I just didn't want to do anything expected. When my friend, and cake baker, Kara found this picture. I knew we had it!
Hilary Duff's Vintage Wedding Cake
Photo via Modern Wedding
I knew it had exactly the unexpectedness I was going for. So, I left Kara and Katie to run free with the idea and this is what they came up with.
What do you think? To be honest, I think it's actually better than Hilary's! Sorry Hilary!! I loved it. All of our guests loved it, and best of all it was DELISH! It was a strawberry cake, my favorite.

Then, there was the groom's cake. Is the groom's cake done everywhere? It definitely is done in the South. Usually it is a groom's interest, alma mater, or anything reminiscent of them. My husband makes washer boards. Know what they are? It's a tailgating game, backyard game, similar to the idea of horseshoes, but you throw washers into holes. He also has really gotten the knack of painting washer boards in some fancy fashion. His very favorite washer boards are his "Texas Boards".
So, that's what we wanted his groom's cake to be. Here is what the girls came up with.
Isn't it adorable? I mean.... manly. They did such a great job. We couldn't have been happier!

Check back for more wedding goodies!

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