Monday, May 24, 2010

Dollar Spot Redo

I wanted something to go in my kitchen so that we could write our grocery list or any reminders that we had. I found this little thing at Target in the Dollar Spot (love it!). You can't tell from the picture but the yellow was VERY bright, almost electric. Yes, I could have just hung it on the wall as it was and it would have served its purpose...but, it wasn't very cute now was it?
So, I took the whiteboard piece out of the frame and spray painted it with chalkboard paint.

Then, I spray painted the frame white (originally I thought that I wanted it white, I was wrong).

Once I got it back inside, with my kitchen lights, I realized that the white didn't pop as much as I wanted it to against my wall color. So, I dry brushed on a little yellow paint (I know, back to the color it was...). For the flowers, I cut out different colored patterns of scrapbook paper. I didn't want the flowers to be too matchy-matchy. I wanted them to have the different colors that are in my house.

I distress the edges and crumbled them to give them more texture. And I used tacky glue to add little beads in the center of them.
Then I put it up on my wall......and.......I didn't like the yellow either! Ha! I thought it just blended right in the wall, and that wasn't what I wanted.

So, I took some acrylic olive green paint and used the same technique. I put it on my paintbrush and then rubbed most of it off until there was a faint bit of paint on my brush, then rubbed it all over. It kind of gave it an antiqued look. I then used my distress ink and distressed the edges of the frame. Now, I love it!


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